online writing jobsOnline writing jobs: If you’re looking for freelance writing jobs that pay a real world and living wage, you’re not alone. Many job boards claim to advertise real freelance writer jobs, but the reality is anything but.

For example, there is Craigslist, which always reminds me of the following ad (pictured below) I read a while back.

freelance writing online


Job boards such as oDesk and eFreelancer are rarely any better and and often list outrageously low-paying freelance writing assignments. Alternately, they post writing opportunities that pit several freelance writers against one another in a bidding war; the “winning” writer goes on to slave away at penny-per-word rates.

Finally, there are content mills such as Yahoo! Voices, Examiner and Helium. Although there are exceptions, most of these writing sites are based on a revenue-share model that pays the writer only for article views. And those exceptions? They might pay out $5-$15 for an article that you worked hours on to complete.

In my opinion, these are not serious freelance writing jobs.

Where are the real online writing jobs?

Here are 10 job boards that enable one to do real freelance writing online:

1. Facebook4Freelancers: This Facebook group is managed by Brian Scott of and lists freelance writing jobs, internships, contests and even scholarships on a daily basis. What’s great about being a part of this group is you can ask members questions about a specific gig before spending the better part of your day applying for it.

facebook 4 freelancers

2. FlexJobs: This is the only paid job board in the group, but having seen its posted jobs and received numerous recommendations about it from other bloggers and writers, I felt it was necessary to mention it. For a basic rate of about $15 per month or $50 a year, you can access numerous freelance writing jobs that are not only all online but also all offer a work-at-home/telecommute option. When you think of all the gas money you’ll save by working from home, paying even $15 per month isn’t bad.

3. FreelanceJobOpenings: This site posts a LOT of  online writing jobs, and because it demands that all posted jobs provide payment information, you don’t have too many content mills or scammers slipping through the cracks. Still, not every opportunity is what it seems here, so definitely do some research on the writing job before applying.

4. FreelanceWriting: Naturally, I have to mention this online writing job site, which Brian (of Facebook4Freelancers) operates and posts to on a regular basis. The content here alone is amazing, but the site also posts several curated lists of writing jobs, contests and calls for submissions. You could spent several hours easy just combing through all the freelance writing work that’s available here.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that for March and April of 2014, Brian is paying $25 for published guest posts? Exposure and a little money- not bad.

5. JournalismJobs: Whether you have a journalism degree or are just trying to break into the field, this site posts plenty of work to keep you covered. Furthermore, the website also posts plenty of thought-provoking content that’s relevant to journalists ranging from reporters to bloggers.

6. Krop: This lesser-known job board posts all kinds of work opportunities for creative professionals including not only writers but web and graphic designers, programmers, artists, etc. However, if you search the job board using a keyword like “writer,” you’ll get a nice list of available copywriter and freelance writer jobs. Krop also allows you to build and post your own work portfolio on its site.


7. LinkedIn: No job board list would be complete without mentioning the gorilla in the room; aka LinkedIn. And I seriously doubt I need to provide a link to this site either. Using the Advanced Search function of LinkedIn, you can type in your desired job, location, salary and other particulars and get a wealth of results back.

8. OnwardSearch: This agency lists jobs for all kinds of corporate professionals, including copywriters and copybloggers. Both of these writing jobs are located in the Internet Marketing Staffing category. The site typically advertises for more experienced writers at rates averaging $40/hour. In addition, OnwardSearch also offers numerous infographics that list online writing jobs and what they pay across the country.

onward search

9. ProBlogger: It goes without saying that this authority site not only publishes high caliber content, but it also lists many online writing jobs. One criticism I have of the ProBlogger job board is that it’s not well curated, so on occasion a content mill or “for the exposure” job does pop up. On the other hand, this job board also lists some well-paying corporate and business clients. In essence, keep your eyes peeled.

10. TheCreativeGroup: This website is, like Krop, also dedicated to creative professionals and includes marketing jobs too. This site also publishes an extremely in-depth and yearly salary guide for creative professionals such as copywriters, marketing communications managers, etc. The guide also provides pay variances by city and state, so you can adjust your expected pay rate by geographic region.

2014 salary guide

If you’re about to enter into salary negotiations with your employer or contractor, definitely give the 2014 salary guide from The Creative Group a look.


11. WritersWeekly: If you’re looking for a mixture of magazine/journal gigs as well as copywriting, blogging, etc., then definitely check out the Markets subcategory at WritersWeekly. Through a link at the top of its page, you may also perform an in-depth search for new writers markets. Finally, the site itself also solicits submissions and pays $60 per published post.