freelance writing job boardsLegitimate freelance writing jobs do exist if you know where to look for them- and I don’t mean places like Craigslist, eLance or oDesk either. 

For those of you who already perused my prior post on 10 job boards that list real online writing jobs, I’ve got another batch of job boards that feature freelance writing gigs that pay real world rates. These boards are intended more for freelance writers who have already been working in niche fields and/or marketing for some time and now wish to enter the “Freelance Writing 2.0″ phase of their careers. As such, these boards often list copywriting and technical writing jobs.

It goes without saying that prior niche and/or marketing experience will be required to win some of the gigs listed on the following job boards. Luckily, many of these boards also offer internships and training periods where you can quickly get up to speed on a niche market, or marketing itself, and win these lucrative jobs.

1. Creative Circle

This site lists jobs in fields such as advertising, writing and marketing. While the job board forces you to select work based on a specific city, some of the listings will say “offsite,” enabling you to work from home if you wish.

creative circle

Creative Circle’s job board

2. Dice

Dice serves mostly technical and IT professionals, but if you use the site’s job board to search on terms like “writer” and “content,” you’ll find many technical writing and Web-based jobs related to writing and editing, including “web content manager” and “content specialist.”

3. Ed 2010

Looking for a job at a magazine? This site focuses on magazine work and lists various paid and unpaid internships as well as full-time and freelance writing gigs at big-name magazines and publications. However, that’s not all: Ed 2010 also offers information on salaries and pay rates from individuals working at specific magazines and companies, along with a listing of so-called “Whisper Jobs,” which are rumors of jobs about to become public.

Ed2010 job board

Ed 2010 job board

4. Financial Job Bank

You wouldn’t expect it from the name, but Financial Job Bank is filled with technical, medical, clinical and report writer listings. And, of course, financial writer listings. Many of these jobs are on-location, but if your credentials and negotiation skills are good enough, you may be able to do remote work coupled with an occasional conference call or two.

5. GigaOm

This tech-focused site offers an unbelievable number of technical and research writer and editor jobs. Using the search term “freelance writer” gets you the largest number of remote and virtual gigs.

GigaOm freelance writing

GigaOm’s freelance writing job board

 6. Glass Door

I love Glass Door for its wealth of information about typically confidential company matters like interview questions, salaries and management issues. Glass Door also features a job board where freelance writers can find all kinds of remote and online writing jobs.

7. Gorkana Jobs

Gorkana features heavy-hitting journalism and PR jobs with companies like Dow Jones, Moody’s and Birchwood Knight. Available positions range from reporter to editor to marketing manager. Niche expertise and experience do help considerably when applying for the writing jobs listed here.

Gorkana jobs

Gorkana jobs

8. iHireMarketing

If you’re wondering where those high paying writing jobs are hiding, head over to iHireMarketing, which features many $30+/hr. copywriting jobs in marketing and advertising. The site also offers an expert career advice section for freelance writers just getting started with marketing.

9. Indeed

This site functions much like LinkedIn and Dice, offering members the opportunity to post their resumes and scope out available writing jobs. It seems that the best results are obtained by searching on the term “freelance writer” and using “remote” as your location.

Indeed job board

Indeed job board

10. Media Bistro

If you’re looking for any kind of media-related work, Media Bistro has you covered. The site also offers a $55/year Avant Guild subscription, which provides information on how to pitch specific magazines and publications as well as a their editorial calendars. Other benefits include your own site email and web page, health and dental insurance plan offerings, free financial planning, etc.



This site is currently being re-vamped so I couldn’t describe what writing gigs it is currently offering. However, the site works much like Media Bistro and offers various media-related work in marketing and advertising. It’s certainly worth a look.