IveTriedThat: Since early 2012, I have been a regular writer on I’ve Tried That, a work-at-home website that teaches readers how to start online businesses and avoid scams. I’ve Tried That boasts a readership of 20K+ and has been mentioned in publications including the following:

Woman’s World
(Ka-Ching! Get Paid to Speak Your Mind)
(Be A Customer Service Rep- Right at Home!)

Some of my I’ve Tried That content includes the following blog posts:

The Motley Fool Blog Network: Since 2012, I’ve been posting stock picks and public company business assessments on The Motley Fool’s blog. Example posts include:

  1. Is Martha Stewart Living?
  2. How to Fix a Broken Business Model
  3. Is Groupon Bad for Business?
  4. Why You Should Not Buy Facebook’s IPO

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