Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine feature article: Wisconsin Biotech: A New Frontier for Lawyers (published November 2015)

Biovest International

From 2014-2015, I worked on Biovest’s new website, creating its content, opt-in forms and generating its ads and promotions. the following are a sample of my content:

Wikipedia entry: Hollow Fiber Bioreactor

Diagnostic Market Moves Away from Ascites to Hollow Fiber for mAb

Expand Your Cell-Based Protein Manufacturing with Hollow Fiber Bioreactors

Clontech (A Takara Bio Company)

I performed SEO and SEM as well as copywriting/copyediting of company product pages and marketing collateral. I was also involved in direct and indirect marketing campaigns and data mining. This project ran from October 2012 through June 2014.

Promega Corporation

Wieczorek, D., Ananthanarayanan, S., Bates, P., Zakowicz, H., Wyrzykowska, J., Petterson, A. and Schagat, T. PureYield™ Plasmid Purification Systems Comparison: Excellent Speed, Yield, Purity and Performance. [Internet] 2009. [cited: 2012, August, 12]. Available from: http://www.promega.com/resources/articles/pubhub/pureyield-plasmid-purification-systems-comparison-excellent-speed-yield-purity-and-performance/

Halina Zakowicz, Trista Schagat, David Yoder and Andrew Niles. Measuring Cell Health and Viability Sequentially by Same-Well Multiplexing Using the GloMax-Multi Detection System. Promega Notes 99 (2008) 25–28.

Halina Zakowicz, Ph.D., Michael Bjerke, M.S. and Trista Schagat, Ph.D. Using the GloMax®-Multi Detection System for Measuring Signal from Multiplexed Fluorescent and Luminescent Assays. eNotes January 2008.

Halina Zakowicz. Assessing Viability in Primary Cultures Using a Luminescent ATP-Based Assay Applications for the CellTiter-Glo Assay. Cell Notes 19(2007) 14–15.

Promega Connections: From 2010 – 2011, I was a copyblogger for Promega Connections (a corporate blog) on the subjects of science, research and health. Example blog posts include:

  1. Would You Remove Your Ph.D. Degree from Your Resume?
  2. The Ph.D. Glut: Do We Have Too Many Ph.D.s?
  3. Lard: It Does a Body Good!
  4. How Exercise Can Grow Your Brain
  5. What Does Tau Protein Have to Do with Football, Dementia, and Suicide?
  6. Calorie Restriction: The Fountain of Youth
  7. The Art and Science of Brewing Beer

ThePostdocWay: As of June 2013, I’ve been added as a Key Field Contributor on ThePostdocWay’s team of writers/bloggers. We have a lot of exciting projects and interviews planned for this site and are looking forward to its further development under Dr. Brian Jarecki’s (owner and editor-in-chief) leadership. My contribution thus far includes the following:

Boster Immunoleader: From June-July 2013, I performed copyblogging for Boster on general science subjects including the history of the ELISA, cancer immunotherapy, etc. My posts include the following: