If you’ve been reading my content either here on through my LinkedIn group page, you know that I promote websites that pay $50 or more for guest posts. So, naturally, I decided that Haelix should become one of those websites that compensates guest bloggers $50 for their posts.

Would you like to write for Haelix Communications?

If you’d like to write for my blog here on the Haelix Communications website, please follow these directions when pitching me:

1. Subscribe to my email list and become familiar with the topics and writing style of my blog. In brief, I am looking for first-person stories of freelance writing success; for example, how you broke out of writing for content mills and found your first ‘real world’ client(s), how you pitched a magazine editor and secured a $1/word article, or how you snagged a freelance copyediting assignment with a local company. Stories should run 800-1,200 words (although longer stories are OK).

2. Send me a query email at my email address admin(at)haelix.com. Include a brief introduction of your writing idea and an outline of the article. If I like your idea, I will respond to your query within 10 business days and ask that you send me the entire article. Otherwise, you may safely assume that the idea is not going to be accepted.

3.  If I respond to your query email, I may ask you to make some edits to your pitch. Please consider these requests and suggestions! Remember that receiving an ‘OK’ on your query is not a guarantee that I will publish your post.

4. Write your article in blog post style. That means including an attention-grabbing headline, including several sub-headlines and possible bullet points, and keeping paragraphs 3-5 sentences long. Also, don’t forget to summarize your article in the final paragraph.

5. If you wish, I will include a brief bio of you at the bottom of your post. For an example of what a typical writer bio looks like, click here. There will be no active link to your website/sales page; however, if you wish to forego your $50 writing fee in exchange for an active link, we can make those arrangements.

6. I will check any active reference link(s) you include in your post, and I ask that you include only the links that highlight primary source and scholarly information. For example, a link to the CDC or NIH is fine; a link to Wikipedia or WebMD is not. Likewise, please refrain from using any affiliate/sponsored or self-promoting links unless we have made prior arrangements for such self-promotion.

7. I will pay you $50 via Paypal upon publication of your post. At this point in time, I am publishing one guest post per month. Therefore, it may take 1-2 months for your post to appear and for you to be paid. Please be patient.

8. I am purchasing exclusive first-time publication rights to your work for the first 90 days of publication. Your content will be posted on the Haelix Communications website and possibly on my social media sites, writing courses and e-books. Please do not re-publish your content on your blog, third-party websites, etc. until after 90 days. I’m good with Google, and I will be checking.

9. I will let you know ahead of time when I expect to publish your post. For the first 48 hours post-publication, I ask that you watch your post and address any comments that come in. This is not only good practice for you as a writer, but it may also help you grab the attention of a potential client. And it will certainly be regarded as a nice courtesy by yours truly.